IROS 2020 Workshop on Perception, Planning and Mobility in Forestry Robotics (WPPMFR 2020)

Virtual Workshop, October 29th

Ingeniarius, Ltd., Portugal

Technology-driven SME with significant experience in mobile robotics, intelligent sensors and AI, in particular providing commercial robotics solutions for forestry operations.

Sundance Multiprocessing Technology Ltd., UK

Private company with focus on design, manufacturing, and testing of electronics embedded modules based on a leading-edge multicore technology allowing infinitive scaling of processing power and a providing a large range of sensor interfaces and numerous instances of control functions.

Sfera Ultimate Ltd., Portugal

Private company specialized in forestry clearing operations and marketing of agricultural products.

IEEE UK & Ireland RAS Chapter

IEEE UK and Ireland Robotics & Autonomous Systems Chapter concerns itself in promoting the study and uptake of RAS technology within the region and encompasses aspects of training, research, development in a wide range of application domains.


The mission of the RAS Agricultural Robotics and Automation (AgRA) Technical Committee is to promote research, development, innovation, and standardization in robotics and automation to enable safe, efficient, and economical agricultural production.