IROS 2020 Workshop on Perception, Planning and Mobility in Forestry Robotics (WPPMFR 2020)

Virtual Workshop, October 29th

Program – Virtual Workshop

Duration Talks
5m Welcome Remarks and Overview
30m Q&A Session for All Authors(Two Parallel Tracks)
55m Q&A Sessions for Keynote Speakers:

Joao Filipe Ferreira: “Forestry Robotics — the Right Bet at the Right Time?”
Micael S. Couceiro: “The Rise of Heavy Duty Forestry Robots”
George Kantor: “Semantically-Assisted Slam in Tree Canopies”
Philippe Giguère: “From AI to 3D mapping: leveraging scientific breakthroughs to automate forestry operations”
Soon-Jo Chung: “Learning-Based Planning and Control With Uncertainty, Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics, and Chance Constraints”
Yael Edan: “Robotics Harvesting: Lessons Learned From the CROPS EU Project”
55m Round-Table Session – a Roadmap for Forestry Robotics
5m Wrap Up and Workshop Closure

Participant Paper Presentations:

*Selected Best Papers